Sunday, October 26, 2008


We have had an interesting week with two sets of visitors from our mission agency in the USA. We are blessed to have these encouragers as leaders and friends. Jim and Donna Dombach are very familiar with Lithuania from serving here themselves for 7 years.
For Darrel and Sherill Hostetter it was a first visit to Lithuania so there were many things to try to introduce them to in their very brief visit here. One of these things was the sakotis cake in the picture. We also wanted to take them to see a little of the area including the outdoor market, the old town section of Klaipeda where we lived before, and the small apartment where we lived when the boys came to live with us. And then so the boys could have more space to play, we drove to a place outside of the town of Palanga.
We went to the HBH "resort" (restaurant and outside entertainment in natural surroundings seen somewhat in the pistures)with the boys and I- while Gregg was in church meetings in another city 3 1/2 hours away.

Our guests had a chance to eat koldunai and potato pancakes and Lithuanian pizza and surelis. Today they were with us at the Silute church and Darell shared the morning message. This afternoon they left for Vilnius and tomorrow they head to Germany. We will meet them again next week as the European missionaries from our mission meet with them for retreat in Austria!

The boys really enjoyed the visits. They knew Jim and Donna from a couple of other visits and always enjoy them, but the Hostetters were relatively new to them. Erik said after they left- I like them! He especially liked that Darrel played active games with him!!

The boys also got a good deal of attention from our guests and after a while they were left to play on their own and came back to show us they had come up with their own game- without shirts :)
Prior to the visit we also made some "chocolate chunk" cookies- I no longer had any chocolate chips and local chocolate bars broken into pieces worked quite well.

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