Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yes, Cold. In the 40s here during the day. Time to find out how to turn the heat on in this apartment. At least we have the choice!
And I've come down with a chest cold. Reminds me of how I felt in December and January- yuck.

But prior to Monday the weekend was notable for a few events. I attended the commissioning of one of the LCC granduates, now a Duke Seminary graduate who will serve in a Methodist church in Siauliai. Grazhina was an active student throughout my time as chaplain at LCC and I am really excited to see her follow God's call on her life in this way. I drove our car full of friends from Klaipeda and so it was a ladies day out so to speak.

Friday evening marked the first in Gregg's weekly teen group meetings in Silute and my time at home with the boys. It went well both in Silute and at home. In the past Friday night was a time that I almost dreaded because the boys tested me in many ways. But times are changing.

And Sunday we were part of a church meeting after the service in Silute. It was a very scattered experience for me as I tried to get pieces of what was happening while taking care of the boys. But the good news was that there are people willing to be active and the church council is now functional again with a group of 5 of us.

Tonight will be test for a babysitter. We both need to go to Silute for the evening for a meeting! (so I better go rest so I am ready!)

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