Sunday, September 7, 2008

day trip

This post is focused more on our ministry work than our family per se. This week we were contacted to help plan for a baptism of a young teen from Gregg's Friday night ministry in Silute. She has a friend in Kaunas (2+ hours drive from Klaipeda)who was to be baptized and since they really wanted outside baptism and weather will turn colder in the coming weeks, plans took shape quickly.

Since we combined with another Free Christian church for the baptism and were traveling there for the morning service, Gregg was asked to preach as well. They also had a room to the back for young children and it has windows that allowed me to see what is going on. And the sounds system also let me hear it.

Right at the end of the service, the pastor asked everyone to travel to the lake to continue the service with the baptism. Again I must give the warning- our camera takes just 30 second videos and this is unedited.

It was neat to see the full families there at the baptism which seems kind of new. So many have been 1st generation church goers in our earlier years.

It ended up that another man requested baptism too, so Gregg assisted in 3 baptisms!

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