Monday, September 13, 2010

I just kissed Erik goodnight

For normal families this title would be no big event. But for us this is a landmark.
For quite some time now, Erik has avoided being kissed at all costs. I think I probably was able to sneak in some kisses in the early months he was with us, but I really do not remember when that would have been. (David is quite different in this way)

It became quite noticable this summer when Erik would avoid affection from grandparents too which they would have hoped would be a normal part of their relationship. In a way Erik has wanted affection but he preferred it in the form of chasing and tackling him or tickling.

Now for a few weeks he has started to say "goodnight, I love you" sleep well, and so on at night time. But he still avoided hugs and kisses. Then a few nights ago it seemed he was ready for hugs. And now after the 3rd time tonight when he said goodnight, I love you in his process of going to bed, I asked him if I can kiss him and he said, maybe. And when I kissed him he did not turn away or wipe it off as he has done if I pushed it in the past.

Small pleasures of life.

They seem to be doing well in school and generally liking it. The adjustment is going better/faster than I expected. And the teachers say both of them understand without difficulty and they do not recommend any additional Lithuanian class to get them up to speed with their peers. Speech therapy will start in October and then we will touch base again and see how things are progressing.

Erik does tend to be lazy about the first and some last letters of words when he talks and it makes sense, as his teacher points out, he will not learn sounds and reading if he does not get this in his speech. So, that is our homework, to get him to pronounce better.

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