Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Does the speech therapist love God?

(I'm still playing catch up in getting ours news on the blog)

The boys needed to say goodbye to their teachers and speech therapist at their preschool in preparation for switching to the new school on September 1. It was even hard for me to say goodbye to these dear women who had loved our boys during the many transitions they and we made in the first years.

The boys took flowers to them and we took a box of chocolates for the whole staff to share. The director was sure to let me know she wishes us the best but if for any reason the switch does not work out so well, we are welcome to come back.

Erik was not really able to verbally express his goodbyes, but that is typical for him and I have gotten used to recognizing the quiet distress he has inside when he ignores people in saying goodbye. He just does not have skills to deal with those emotions. (my hunch is that until he can deal with the traumatic goodbye that happened when we was very young, goodbyes will always be very hard).

David also avoided the goodbye more than I have seen him do, though the teacher he had the last day did convince him to come closer for a hug.

The next day Erik asked something I will probably always remember- Does our speech therapist love God? We have explained the concept of going to heaven and who goes and who doesn't by this simple understanding- if you love God you will go to heaven. So I believe he was yearning in some way to be able to see this woman again who had made a good connection with him. She had helped him to become functinoal again in Lithuanian language and to feel ok about expressing himself verbally.

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