Sunday, May 2, 2010

Good night and sleep well...

We are getting used to a new routine started by Erik last week, or maybe even the week before. After our rather long routine of settling in bed and him asking what time we are coming to bed, he says, goodnight and sleep well. And then he makes a rather conspicious sound of kissing the air toward us. Tonight it was also following by "I love you."

I am still getting getting used to it. Erik is not comfortable with kissing - being kissed or kissing anyone else. And when his teached instructed him to give me is project on Friday and give me a kiss he got quite red and somehow forced himself to sort of do the task. yet, he is starting to say I love you at night, and not in response to one of us.

David occasionally will say I love you too. But, he has been comfortable with kisses and kissed us occasionally without difficulty. On the other hand, he has some difficulty with boundaries both in physical interaction with us as well as emotional. He more often than not is playing games and trying to tease or get a reaction and it can get tiring for mommy. Due to this he gets into much trouble at bedtime and Daddy needs to get him ready to bed for him to concentrate at all most days.

We had a different kind of week with the LCC end of semester events. Good bye to staff and faculty leaving and graduation.

I was away for a couple of days at the beginning of the week too which tested the boys security levels. Both had reactions. Erik seemed to sleep restlessly with mom away. And David was quick to act up for the next days after mom came home. But maybe it is just part of his next stage. Wish I could call it "development" but sometimes it just seems like the next complicated stage. His preschool teachers find it difficult as he becomes more verbal and aggressive, yet still has difficulty staying on task. We try to remember that he has a few limitations that were hard-wired into him from the beginning and at the same time have to be aware of being manipulated because there is a lot he does understand. We just wish he could put the pieces together of what he understands to do more productive things.

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