Saturday, April 24, 2010


It has been a while since I took time to write down all the unique things happening and so some of them will unfortunately be lost for the record.
The picture here we captured after David made this version of the Lithuanian flag. We were not involved in it at all, he made it and came announcing in Lithuanian- Lietuvos velava, lietuvos veleva. (Lithuanian flag, Lithuanian flag)
And it is correct, yellow, green red.

Last week I traveled to Kaunas for a meeting with a steering committee of church leaders from all different Christian churches in Lithuania. Among the leaders was Catholic priest Kestutis Kevelas who is now also the director of Marijos Radija (Radio Maria). After we met about planning for a leadership skills conference this coming fall to be held at LCC, Fr. Kestutis invited the steering committe to the radio station to record a program about the conference. Just like that. And we did. So it was the first time I have been on the radio in Lithuania- and speaking in Lithuanian of course.

At the end of the program he asked us to share what our faith meant to us as well. afterward, he asked us to stay longer to record our testimonies separately for another program. So, I was on 2 programs that aired this week. And they promise to repeat the programs at future times too.

Meanwhile, Gregg of course has been a double duty dad at some times that my schedule has been quite busy. We do have the boys in the local preschool full-time so that usually takes care of the times I am working, but there are special weekend conferences and trips from time to time.

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