Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grandma's house

After a short flight, 5 hour layover in Copenhagen and a 9 hour flight to Washington DC, and 3 hour car ride, we are at Grandma Brubaker's house.

I have learned to call where ever I sleep for more than a few nights "home" but not so for the boys. After church on Sunday I told David it is time to go home. He looked rather quizically at me and said- mommy you said go home, we're not going home, we are going to grandma's house! True indeed.

What a flurry of activity with warmer weather, sunshine most of the time, space, new things to play with. With just a half a day of rain David was complaining that he is never going to get to play outside. This from a boy who did not often get to play outside yet this spring in Lithuania. Erik continues to practice his head stands while watching TV.

We got a quick visit from Grandma Buckwalter the day after we arrived too since she had reason to be in Lancaster county already. And just today we visited my grandmother who at 94 is still quite sharp, though hard of hearing. She got to go outside today because we were with her. She runs her own scooter. She lives in assisted living now.

And by next week we will be seeing some other cousings and two of my sisters in NJ.

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