Monday, November 23, 2009

Mysterious LEGO story

Saturday David came to me crying and holding his throat with the story that he has a small LEGO piece in his mouth and swallowed it. He had just been playing with LEGOs. He had quite a few small pieces and showed what kind he swallowed. It was small enough that is was not clear if it would cause a problem. A friend called the children's hospital for their advise. At this point just watch, unless there starts to be trouble breathing or something. (Afterall, the flu epidemic has just hit and it could be dangerous from another perspective to take him to the hospital)

Then he threw up- no sign of the toy. And later he started crying again with pain in stomach and throat, threw up. Started playing again. Meanwhile the story changed, he did not swallow a LEGO, just an old cracker. The story kept changing so I still don't know what happened. He did not want to eat, gave him a bit of tea. But the tea came back at night too. No fever at all.

And the next morning (yesterday- Sunday) he started playing like no problem. He did not eat very much, but everything seemed to return to normal.
So today he is back to preschool!

Meanwhile I am also gradually adjusting to the information we got last week about Erik's allergy to dust mites. We had a different doctor than with David and she gave written instructions how to adapt the home. It will keep me busy to wash and iron bedding 1-2 times per week, wash everything down with damp cloth every day, open and air out, not let them in the apartment for 2 hours??? Not likely when outside is damp wet and cold almost consistently this time of year. Then we should have covers on our furniture that we wash often in hot water. And get rid of everything that collects dust.... plants, carpets, curtians, stuffed animals... Well, we will have to find a reasonable compromise I think.

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