Monday, November 16, 2009

Celebrating Family Day 2009

A larger group of pictures is on my facebook page.

We decided to start celebrating on Saturday since we had a free day and we had a few things to do! One was to put together a new piece of furniture for storing their toys- rather than an overflowing cardboard box where they forgot most of the toys!

We also went to get some baskets to store the toys by kind, and we went on to McDonalds and this time they could get the happy meal and toy of their choice of course.

David did not have to take a nap and he did better than usual under those conditions.
He has started to complain more lately about nap time but usually he really does best to have a nap even if just for an hour.

We stopped on the way back for their heilium balloons, our coming home tradition from the first day- 2 years ago.

We had a gift for each to upwrap at home and some family fun playing "Twister" and putting a puzzle together.

And the boys took to wrestling on the floor on more than one occasion. For now it seems good that we have the space for their active needs!

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