Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today we had to say goodbye to grandma. Erik is once again asking when we are going to America. The boys were in preschool and Gregg and I drove to Vilnius to the airport to send her on her way. We surely enjoyed her visit!! The boys and grandma got to see the rainbow out front of our building which faces these big houses on Friday night when Gregg and I got a first night away together since the boys are with us. It was a treasure to have that time. And dear grandma weathered a sick boy during the night and lots of laundry. Grandmas can do anything- including making her lap into a sliding board! And Grandma became the primary bible story reader at bed time. Actually the boys were glad for bible stories any time of day which greatly pleased grandma! Grandma gave them banks last night before leaving. Unfortunately the boys have already learned how careful one should be with such things as one got broken :( Sometimes the best learning comes from mistakes though!

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