Tuesday, June 23, 2009

good byes already?

Many of the pictures above were from a day visiting Palanga, a resort town not far from Klaipeda.
We are glad to know that Grandma and Gwen have reached home safely. Their visit was so appreciated! But again as with the prior grandma visit, by the end the boys were longing for their routine and specific attention from mom and dad.
They went to preschool without complaints Monday for us to take Grandma and Gwen to the airport.
And in the evening, they were eager to do play acting of the preschool routine. They transitioned to acting out how we became a family- our visit to the baby house and bringing them home. Then Erik wanted to play that he and David were their friends Danielius and Doroteja instead. And he wanted me to come choose them at the baby house. Well, I did explain that this is not how it happened for Danielius and Doroteja. They grew in their mommy's belly and came out and grew up in that family. So we acted that out. (The boys still enjoy pretending to be babies.) It feels like it is another little step in the process of voth understanding the way babies grow up, but also how a typical family happens. So far they do not ask anything about a birth mother.

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