Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just rain

Well the snow is over. Now we are back to cloudiness, rain and ever shortening days.
The past week has been a blur. With the sickness and a few extra errands I had promised that I could not reschedule-before I knew what would happen in our house, I was too busy. And I needed to roast a turkey. Fortunately Gregg saw things for what they were and encouraged me to catch up on sleep after the Thanksgiving meal was over on Saturday.

David is still at home. On Friday we went to the Dr. and got antibiotics among other recommended meds and we return on Thursday. So that will be 2 weeks out of preschool, and it is for things like this that we have needed to keep our schedules such that one of us can cancel our activities and be home during the day.

But during that time, David has done a nice amount of little projects at home, has learned some computer "games" on the pbs.org site and he does really well with matching shapes in pictures!

At the LCC Thanksgiving event, coloring pages were provided for the children and Erik really did a great job on coloring his pumpkin. He had help for the suggested colors, but otherwise this is the best independent work he's done.

We also had this fun little "conversation" tonight to share by video. There are a lot of really cute things happening for the past few weeks as the boys' language facility expands- and telling about it does not really give the whole story! I guess we still understand more than the average person just listening since they do mix Languages- and compete for attention talking over each other! Should have named this one- "When I was a little boy"!

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