Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our entertainers

We got the OK for David to go back to preschool and he returned on Friday. That evening we also had a Christmas program at LCC. It is always at the beginning of December since students are not around the week before Christmas and soon they will have Final exams for the end our our semester.

With practicing for Away in the Manger (the boys were in a children's group) and seeing decorations around, it seemed the right time to get our Nativity scene out- a ceramic one we got on dicount last year- only to realize later it had no Mary and 4 wise men! :) But the boys used the figures to play and maybe we will find a better on this year.

Gregg was asked to sing in the small choir, just a couple of days before. And the boys had rehearsal on Thursday night too. It turned out to be a busy week.
They did a good job at the rehearsal, walking in as instructed and they also knew motions to the song that noone else knew- but it really helped to keep them focused.
But for all the good planning, what happened on Friday was something quite different!

We'll include a video here (sorry these clips sown together are rather dark). We did not have candles on the stage during practice. we'll let you see what happens- until I turned off the camera to get the boys attention.
(In the middle is a short clip of our family when we thought we were getting pictures taken- and video was on instead)

What we failed to get to get was the little victory dance that Erik did when he succeeded in blowing candles out- they had 3 out before I got to them. And the crowd roared. People thought that was the best part of the program- certainly they've made a "name" for themselves!

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