Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Since Friday we have been under a blanket of white! There is more melting on the roads today, but we were not really prepared. Gregg is getting the snow tires on today. The law is you can put them on November 15, but we had not gotten to it yet.

I'm having the first experience with a really sick child these days too. David started on Sunday with a fever and since that whenever the medicine wears off he spikes a fever that adds a headache and stomach discomfort. But when medicine is in his system he can be his usual silly self.

The boys have really developed imaginations for play. They are in the stage where we pretend to play store and we don't really have any items- just imagining moving the air around!

But they do like to do more creative things with real material too. A year ago they only wanted to knock things down, smash things, scribble and tear. It was a little hard on my pride of building a snow man each year to have had the only significant snow not turn into a snow man last year. (It was immediately destroyed, over and over) But it seems this year I will have ample opportunity.

We are having good success with students watching the boys for us as well. So other than David and Gregg fighting sickness, things feel amazingly normal here.

I have a week break from the online seminary class I've been taking this semester. That will give me a chance to catch up on some things at home that are waiting for me! Since I started teaching English 2 days a week, it is harder to keep up with everything. The English class has been fun for me and the students are very eager. They are women and two men. Their motive is to learn English well enough to go as a group for training in the UK to open a cancer center here in Klaipeda. Will be the first one in Lithuania. (medical care exists, but nothing really for support groups, hospice, spiritual care) So this is a really fine group of people and I am glad to be able to help them toward their goal.

We will have our usual strange Thanksgiving customs (none locally) when Americans from LCC go after work to Mc Donalds for chicken sandwiches - or whatever makes them feel festive. Then on Saturday the whole community comes together for Turkey dinner. I am to make one of the turkeys. So you may not hear from me till after that adventure is over!

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