Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mommy you look very pretty

Where did he get that from?- Mommy you look very pretty... and he said it not just one time this morning. Gregg was not around. I've never heard him use the word pretty before! But of course that makes mommy feel good. We are on our way to Silute for church this morning.

David was back to Preschool Friday. When I took him back they asked for the excuse note from the doctor. I had not wanted to delay him getting back by taking him to the doctor. But, see here again, I did not understand. I need to go to the doctor's receptionist, tell her what days he was out and when he was returning. Then they right the slip saying he is healthy! Good one of my Lithuanian friends could help me make (some) sense of the system.

Erik is eager for preschool these days. THis is a noticable change over time. No more persuading him to go!

A year is almost here- and oh what a difference it has made for the boys and for our family life. We are still tired more often than before. But the overall picture looks pretty normal now. We had a babysitter on Friday night and when we got back at 10:30 the boys were in bed sleeping (that was a first).

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