Friday, August 10, 2007

looking toward Lithuania

less than 1 week to go stateside before heading on for the next chapter of life and ministry and pre-adoption waiting!

We have learned only that we are on the list and that communication will go to the Klaipeda office regarding a referral. Our lawyer in Vilnius has also asked that information go to her and she of course plans to contact us directly.

We may have some different news or options once we are back- on site. The Klaipeda office people do know that we are away for the summer. So we will also let them know when we are back!

Meanwhile we are packing and getting the last few things together, adding in a few children's books, videos even children's medicine in anticipation.

Hopefully we can post again after being settled in Lithuania in about 2 weeks!

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Joyce said...

Hi Sharon and Gregg, I look forward to reading more thru this site. Sorry I didn't get down to see you this summer, this summer has been very busy w/ family activities.