Thursday, August 23, 2007

In Lithuania

We arrived 5 hours later than scheduled, but all our baggage came through even when rerouted by different flights! We were glad to see Betsy Dintaman who met us with our van and we were able to travel directly to Klaipeda. With the delay in arrival it would not have been very possible to get a good bus yet that night.

We've been settling back over the last week here. The apartment needed a little more attention that we expected. Seems it was closed up more than usual due to rain and the schedules of people we had staying here. The air was stale and musty, it was very damp and mold was growing in the bathroom.

The weather is warmer now- in the 80s many days, still enough rain to keep things quite green.

Today Sharon went to the Klaipeda office to check about our status for the adoption process. The nice director there had gotten no word but she was ready right away to call the Vilnius office to see how things stand. She found out we are number 243 out of 280 foriegn families waiting, but the number does not mean much. We are still the first to be considered once they have siblings of the kind we requested to offer. So we just wait.

And for now that is good, there are a few more things to adjust to here in the apartment and our ministry too.

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