Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Each day a little more news

Well, we could not have imagined that things would move along at this rate!

Yesterday with met with social workers who have been involved with the birth mother and get a little more of a picture of their situation and it answered some of the questions we had.

Today we called about going to visit the baby house (orphanage) where they live here in Klaipeda.
We will go tomorrow at 3:30, and we will be able to talk to the head doctor to be sure we understand the medical background as well. Hopefully we will learn from the caregivers what their patterns are, who they have attachments to already, and what we might expect.

It is an exciting time and we have many people around us who are excited for us as well. They have been around while we went through the grueling processes of paperwork and waiting. So they should also enjoy the results!

Today the idea of a baby shower was mentioned. We'll hold off on that just a little longer till we make a final decision about adopting these particular boys. But so far, we are optomistic!

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