Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heading into the new year

New year's eve we invited the Stave family and while the night was young we did our own fireworks. The boys were motivated to stay up till midnight to see the real fireworks and since we watched a movie, the time passed quickly. The noise overwhelmed David but overall the boys were impressed by the show we could watch from our window. people set up all kinds of colors from every year around for miles!

The story about Samantha and her sweet tooth tells of a girl that liked sweets and believed that when her tooth fell out she would be loosing her sweet tooth. In preparation she started trying vegetables of different kinds to get herself prepared and when she felt a bump of the new tooth she was sure her days of liking sweets were going to be over the next day. But, she found she still liked sweets and she liked vegetables. So, when her mother offered her cookies one night she asked for Carrot cake instead. Thus a request for carrot cake in our house. And they ate it just fine!
Putting together a race track gift.

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