Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Catching up continues in the New Year

November went by quickly in the sense that most of my time was absorbed in preparations for Global Leadership Summit and since that did not involve the boys there are less pictures and events to report on for them.

We did have one night in the hospital though with David for testing and we can gladly report that he does not have epileptic seizures. We are not sure what comes over him some times, but it is not that.

And then it was Thanksgiving celebrated on Saturday after the American holiday for the LCC community. Gregg had another meeting and the boys were not too settled about eating around tables with lots of people, so no good pictures of that. But there was time of activities for kids and they enjoyed that and mom got extra time for hanging out!

At LCC celebrating Thanksgiving also means welcoming the Christmas season, decorating the buildings for the Christmas program the next week. The semester ends early enough that to get participation the celebration is quite early. we saved one picture from after the program.

And then it was on to school charity concert the school held to raise money for families with children with heart problems.

And school Christmas entertainment:

And Advent and Christmas event in Silute:

The Christmas season seemed richer to us because there was interest from our Lithuanian church friends in Silute and Klaipeda in learning more Christmas carols- more are translated to Lithuanian than are in common use. So this is something we could do- teach Christmas songs!

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