Monday, June 13, 2011

more May activities

David's group trip to mini-zoo near Klaipeda.

End of Preparatory class- promotion to 1st grade. Last class together with parents and party afterward. David was already finished with his group so he observed with us too and joined in the after party.

A visit at Grazina's house. She has moved to Klaipeda now so we see her much more often, at least once a week at our house too to give mommy and daddy a break.

David's class event- the mini-zoo was post-poned due to bad weather but the certificates were presented that day with the 4 boys and their parents. The girls of the group were absent.

These pictures are from a 4 day seminar group I helped to facilitate- Hospital chaplaincy was the topic. Very stimulating discussion, excellent presenter- Nora Ausriene- in LT language, diverse group which was able to finish the week all feeling positive about it.

David is now on 2 wheels and of course very proud of the fact.

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