Monday, June 20, 2011

June summer and then spring

Erik works on his soccer/football skills much of the time, if not outside, then with a nerf ball inside - or a balloon.

We have experienced unusual warmth in the beginning of June, temperatures even climbing above 80 degrees at times. But, the more typical weather- of and on rain, cool in 60s and 70s has returned- just in time for the longest day of Summer. Lithuania has a special celebration- Jonines- which for some celebrates anyone with a name remotely resembling John. For most of the rest there are tales about special powers for those who wait up on this longest day of the year, and special herbs and flowers that get special attention- and in general and excuse for a big party. The holiday has risen in importance over the years we are here so that now it is a paid holiday.

And we have been blessed by another box from Gamma- on the occasion of special size clothing we needed to order from the states... and of course extra goodies come with that.

We have the unusual opportunity to participate in two small churches where there is children's ministry happening during the service (at least some of the time) and the children are basically our boys' ages. In both cases it is the pastors' families who make up most of the consistent SMALL grouping of kids. Perhaps this is a blessing of having our children late in life... it is fitting in with the people we work and minister with in a lot of ways.

The new favorite past time for the boys is LEGOs. We have had them for over a year, but now they are pretty passionate- and becoming quite creative about them. A number of their friends and the kids in school play with them too so that has added to their interest.

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