Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spirit and body

After great-grandma's funeral this summer, the idea of death was a little more understandable for Erik. The body stays there. The spirit goes on to heaven. So recently he asked, again about what happens to you when you die. And then followed with some more thoughtful questions... Do we see God when we go to heaven? but if we don't have a body, how will we see God? And if we don't have a body and brain, how will we remember people when we get to heaven?

(Some of these questions I have never thought of quite honestly. Then I remembered of course that we get a new body and that Spirit can communicate with spirit. And somehow Erik seems to be able to understand this at 6 1/2)

In other news:
Erik is being invited to a soccer team in town from what he said after the in school soccer practice the other day. Apparently he is showing some real talent, not a surprise though to us!

David is needing extra attention these days and occasional naps to deal with his behavior issues. The long day in school without nap and with structured activities from 3-5 PM seems to be bringing out resistive behaviors.

Both boys are improving in Lithuanian language beyond what they had last spring which is good to see. They often ask for evening stories from the Lithuanian language fairy tale book and that was not happening last spring. So, it seems this school is really jumpstarting their development in a number of ways.

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