Saturday, October 9, 2010

pasakos be galo - unending fairy tales

This week Erik was learning such little stories that go for a line or two and then repeat from the beginning. I had not really known of this literary style. But it is quite common for Lithuanian children to learn these funny stories. By memory.

Then the teacher told him he is supposed to learn one or make one up for the class. He told me about it and I did not really know what it was about. Friday the teacher told me I am to help him learn one over the weekend.

Fortunately you can find these on the internet. Nice to know through Grazina who stayed a couple of nights with us.

So he is learning a little story that goes: A rabbit was running through the forest, bump he hit a tree, he layed there, he got up and the rabbit was runnign through the forest...

Otherwise Gregg and I are gearing up for the first Global Leadership Summit to be held at LCC. people from all over Lithuania are coming and it will be quite a large production.

It also takes some organizing to schedule where the boys will be during those days when we are basically all absorbed.

We are having changeable weather- windy, cold, sunny, a little warm, but over all cold enough for the city to turn on heat in a couple of days- earlier than usual for the fall.
(But we have our own control on heat by natural gas- lucky us!)

We had an outdoor experience at Mc Donald's a couple of weeks ago...

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