Thursday, July 15, 2010

I like my birth mother

We take a break from the exciting experiences of the summer in pictures to something that can only really be relayed in words.

The last few days Erik crosses the barrier between a life in complete denial of the existance of a birth mother or another history before the baby house... to talking about his birth mother.

From time to time the boys make some comment assuming me as a birth mother and I have tried to gently mention that they did not start in my belly and remind them of when we met. But now for some reason it is becoming OK to think about. It started with watching a cartoon on PBS kids about babies being born. And Erik announced to me that he loves his birth mother and not me. Of course I told him it is OK to love his birth mother and he can love me too. It did not seem that this idea had occurred to him.

Then by yesterday after another opportunity to clarify for David that he did not develop in my belly, Erik said he likes his birth mother. And David repeated the same. And I said that is good. Then Erik asked what happened to her. Why? Where is she? And I answered in general terms the situation and that seemed to be enough for one day.

Seems like a big breakthrough after these 2 and a half years when Erik would not even allow me to talk about it, or read "his" story from the picture book we had created. There is a lot we do not know, and that is probably alright for this stage of accepting things.

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