Sunday, January 11, 2009

how babies are born

Yesterday we had guests- a little friend Ema and her daddy, for supper. Ema's mama (Gina, one of Sharon's friends) just had a baby girl on Friday night.
So this was the opportunity to talk about babies. I did not realize the conflict I would cause from explaining about them growing in the mommy's belly. To Erik this was just disgusting. How would a baby grow in there with all the food? It would get dirty! Well, a little explaining and we got to the point of understanding there is a separate space for the baby to grow. "Well, I would kick and push to get out!" Yeah, that is sort of what happens. But where does it come out? well we setteled that one too. But then the natural question came- but I was not in your belly mommy.
You grew in another mommy's belly. Well he did not like that idea very much- I don't like her, he said. But he did not seem to have any reason. Probably it was just the idea of someone else he has no connection to that was not pleasant.

Gregg had been away for a Pastor's retreat. First time he was away overnight since the boys live with us. It went alright, though it was definitely evident that they missed daddy. ANd they welcomed him home. David was ready to tell the whole story about Ema's mommy having a baby too.

We continue to be amazed at the language development and things we hear the boys say. Mostly in English. But there are a few words they bring home from darzelis (preschool) too. This week it was "pabaisis" or monster. Good there was a Lithuanian here at the time so I got the realy story of what he was saying!

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